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The Brio series was the first Montesa model to be manufactured in what we could say, for the 1950s and for Spain, large numbers.


We would highlight the most sporty models, 90 and 91 and the models 80, 81 and 82 with more modest features and performance, but that fulfilled so many mobility needs. Later, in 1959, the 110 model appeared. The model was gradually replaced by the Impala.


One of the most distinctive design characteristics was its rounded fuel tank with an integrated toolbox in the upper part. Almost all versions featured a twin exhaust pipe that makes the model very easy to identify among other Montesa on road bikes.


Its predecessor was the D-51 that has a very similar in design but carburetor was located on the left side of the cylinder, not behind it like Brio models.


More than 53.000 units were manufactured under Brio name.

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