More adventure.

Don't put limits on your adventure

Drive from home. Cover any terrain safely. And go back to the garage. The 4Ride combines the genuine capabilities of trial, as you’d expect from a Montesa, with the range and comfort of off-road. It’s a bike for getting it all.



Details count

Take a closer look at the exclusive features that make Cota 4Ride a unique off-road proposition.


Smooth delivery


The change in the crankcase decompressor and a new injection map make driving more relaxed –

To get further


Longer gear ratio, 4.3 litre fuel tank and low engine consumption: greater distance between refuels.

Comfort all day long


Enjoy a great seat that allows you to ride much more comfortably on the motorbike.

Under-seat storage


Do you need to take something with you on your trip? Leave your backpack at home and put it under the seat…

Sportive design


The new colour combination makes the motorbike very attractive.

Unlimited off-road experience

Care and attention to the details: the Montesa difference. Each joint or weld is a work of art, the result of the experience accumulated over time and used in the production of some of the best trial motorcycles in the world. The 4Ride is the latest in a wide range of special motorbikes.

Reinventing off-road

Nobody likes limitations. That’s where the 4Ride comes in. It has the capacity of a trial motorbike, thanks to its four-stroke engine, the double-beamed aluminium frame and thus the suspension layout, but it also has a comfortable seat and riding position and a 4.3 litre fuel tank, as well as a very bright headlight and a tail light. Because, after all, who knows how far the track will take you? Find out on the 4Ride.

No limits

See that climb? They say it’s impossible. Not on the 4Ride. When it’s time to really explore, and face challenging obstacles, you have the competitive spirit to climb up and find the grip where others slip or slide.


Stop and look around. The breathtaking view is a gracious present from nature and the past millennia, but the fact that you’re there to enjoy it, after only a few hours of driving, is up to you and the 4Ride. Stop for a minute and enjoy it. You’ve earned it.



Thanks to the generous length of the standard seat, you can move on it depending on the difficulty of the obstacle.

Going further


The autonomy of the 4Ride is greater than that of a normal trial motorbike thanks to its 4.3 litre capacity.

Take it all with you


Under the seat there is a generous space to transport objects

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