Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary

Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary



In all the pictures the motorcycle is shown with the competition kit for exclusive use in closed circuit competition

Celebrating 75 years!


We want to share with everybody this special event, and to commemorate this milestone we are going to do it with our championship winning model, the Montesa MRT301RR. We will create the limited edition Montesa MRT301RR 75th Anniversary model.


The 75th Anniversary model will have lots of unique detailed features,  the fuel tank will now  be red which is a tribute to many past models in the brand and with the graphics in red below the fuel tank, contribute to the feeling of having a large capacity fuel tank. Amongst other changes we have also changed the colour of the fork legs to black finish which contrasts to the golden 75th Anniversary logo and sets the bike apart as a limited edition, celebration model.


This Special Edition will be produced only for this season, are you going to miss it?

Red fuel tank with big Montesa ‘M’ in white

Side golden 75th Anniversary logo

Central l logo un rear mudguard

75 years sharing our passion for motorcycles with customers

The next stage

A bike totally oriented to competition, created for the most demanding riders of the brand. Heir to the TR2 world championship motorbike. It offers a higher performance thanks to its 298.4 cc four-stroke Honda engine. It has a new decoration on the fuel tank and rear fender only available for this season. It is at the forefront of trial technology and has been made to perform at the highest level.

GREY & Red

The image above shows the version with the competition kit for exclusive use in closed circuit racing. The lower image shows the homologated version. Check the availability in your country.

Homologated version

Details matter

Check out the exclusive features of the new Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary. Pictures are shown with the optional competition kit.

Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary

Powerful four-stroke engine


The 298.4 cc, four-valve injection engine with a three-ring piston and specially designed crankshaft to reduce vibration it is very powerful. Reduced engine brake thanks to the crankcase decompressor and a perfectly matched ignition map.



Ideal partner of the engine, ECU map and crankcase decompressor, the silencer is an important part of the features of the set.

Great performance


A robust disc guard and a brake disc complement the four-piston front brake caliper. The rear disc also matches the performance of the bike.

First-class protection


Identical to the design of the world champion motorbike, the crankcase cover is made of strong but lightweight aluminium, giving maximum protection to the underside of the chassis.



The lightweight, triangular-section, forged aluminium side stand offers extra strength. It is positioned closer to the engine and is integrated under the swingarm, away from any damage.

New design

Beauty and functionality


The design of the rear fender confers to the Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary an evident change of image, and its end is also wider to better protect from sprinkles in wet areas.


The new colour Red and Grey in combination with the black frame, rims and decorative stripes make the Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary a very stylish trial bike. The red details of the double R and the stripe with the mention 301 stand out over these colours.

Race Ready - Ready to compete

RR - Race Ready, a declaration of intent

If you demand performance and exclusivity, the Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary is made for you. Its chassis, with specifications that include a 39 mm TECH front fork with aluminium bars, a Showa rear damper and a double-beamed aluminium frame, is ready for any test. The edged fuel tank and rear fender, along with bold new graphics, maintain the capabilities of the Cota 301RR and further elevate its status.

Aim higher

The picture shows a LED headlight designed exclusively for competition use.

It inspires you


You won’t be afraid to put yourself to the test. Where others fail, you push to the limit. The harder the challenge, the more it inspires. You demand a lot from yourself and your bike. That’s the very reason for the 301RR 75th Anniversary. And that’s what you need.


A special motorbike


A competitive trial bike is a motorbike reduced to a pure purpose. No excesses, just performance and results. The Cota 301RR 75th Anniversary, with almost 300 cubic capacity engine, crankcase decompressor, specially designed ignition map and perfectly matched exhaust silencer, is the result of Montesa’s quest for perfection, decades of experience and world titles. It’s something special and you deserve it.

Exclusive finish


The TECH suspension forks of 39mm in black finish, give it an exclusive image compared to the rest of the Montesa trial range.

Carbon details


The motorbike has optional carbon parts for use in competition only. Detail of the exhaust protector and clutch cover.

Rear disc


The rear petal disc matches the the high performance of the motorbike. Every detail matters.

Fuel tank


Made of aluminium it hosts a big white Montesa ‘M’.

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