Cota 4RT 260

Cota 4RT 260

Higher performance.

Ride a revolution made a definitive trial bike

In all the pictures the motorcycle is shown with the competition kit for exclusive use in closed circuit racing

The Montesa Cota 4RT began a revolution in 2006 with its now legendary 4-stroke Honda engine that delivers power in a smooth and controllable manner. Always at the top of the competition and in constant evolution, the 4RT is the ultimate trial bike.


The upper image shows the version with racing kit, and the image below the homologated version. The competition kit is designed for exclusive use in closed circuit racing.

Homologated version

Details matter

Take a closer look at the exclusive features that make the Cota 4RT the choice of champions.

Cota 4RT 260

Four-stroke power


The lightweight 258.9 cc, four-valve, four-stroke injection engine provides smooth control and power.

Lightweight protection


The disc protector is now more resistant and contrasts with the black fork and the gold rim.

Front suspension


The double-beamed aluminium frame is combined with a 39 mm diameter TECH front fork and the Pro-Link system on the rear suspension.

Precise brake control


Both clutch and brake levers are assembled with a single screw, to make adjustments quick and easy.



The new and elegant shapes of the tank make the whole unit more stylish.

It's all about quality

And care for detail


The Cota 4RT is carefully manufactured in the Montesa factory based in Spain. Each motorcycle is meticulously assembled and all parts are checked and serviced to ensure the high quality expected from a Montesa and the performance of a championship winning tool.

Ready to go to the top?

If you want to take your racing driving to the next level, the Cota 4RT is always ready. The dual-beam aluminium frame, suspension and strong engine are designed to achieve grip and momentum in situations that seem impossible. In addition to a host of detail enhancements, many of which are directly inspired by the World Championship motorbike, the excellent new styling puts the Cota 4RT in its rightful place. At the top.

4-stroke electronic injection engine

Better combustion, greater practicality


A 4-stroke engine is characterized by the use of only gasoline in the combustion. This provides for less waste emission. It also makes it easier to report any amount of fuel without having to calculate the exact proportion and amount of additional elements.


The art of true balance


A breathtaking ascent, with vertical, wet rock walls. Or a twisting descent on moss-covered tree roots. Trial competitions can provide the toughest test for a motorcycle and its rider, and that’s why we created the Cota 4RT