Cota 4RT Race Replica

Cota 4RT Race Replica

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Get the ultimate Trial motorbike

In all the pictures the motorbike is shown with the competition kit for exclusive use in closed circuit racing.

Based on the Cota 4RT, we have created the exclusive Race Replica inspired by the decoration of the world champion motorcycle. Showa suspensions make the most of the most difficult areas. Also included is a kit with carbon parts to lighten and/or customise your bike even more.


The upper image shows the version with racing kit, and the second image the homologated version. The competition kit is designed for exclusive use in closed circuit racing.

Homologated version

Details matter

Check out the exclusive features of the new Cota 4RT Race Replica. Images show the optional race kit.

Cota 4RT Race Replica

Reduced engine brake


Engine improvements include a new engine map and new crankcase decompressor. These changes contribute to the reduction of engine braking.


Minimum engine braking


The underbody guard plate has the same design as the World Championship motorbike.

Carbon Kit


It is possible to install the carbon kit consisting of suspension fork protectors, exhaust protector and clutch cover.

Lightweight protection


The front and rear discs are newly made, they are the same ones that equip the 301RR. The front disc protector is also new.


Showa Fork


The front fork is branded by Showa and is 39 mm in diameter. The Showa rear damper is operated by the renowned Pro-Link system.

Meticulous assembly

High-quality production and parts


Each Cota 4RT Race Replica is carefully assembled in the Montesa factory based in Spain. Every detail, no matter how small, is important in creating competition-grade performance, as well as a high-quality production process and parts.

Select equipment

Based on the excellent Cota 4RT we have created an exclusive competition replica inspired by the decoration of the world champion motorcycle.

In addition, the high-quality Showa suspension will always be appreciated on more challenging terrain. It also includes a kit with carbon parts so the rider can lighten and/or customise the bike. This kit consists of shock absorber protector, right side engine cover and exhaust elbow.

Get inspired

To push to the limit

Trial competitions provide the toughest test for a motorcycle. And that’s why we created the Cota 4RT Race Replica. But the challenge for the rider is even greater. Believe in your bike. Believe in yourself. And push it to the limit.


The Cota 4RT Race Replica is the materialisation on two wheels of your desire for performance, and ultimately, for success at the highest level. It will take you where you want to go, in a winning style.



Detail of the LED headlight for exclusive use in competition.

They make a difference


The Cota 4RT Race Replica adds to the excellent baseline of the 4RT an even higher performance equipment. Highlights include the Showa suspension on both trains, the renowned DID rims, RENTHAL handlebars, carbon kit, monoblock brake calipers, aluminium footrests.

Showa Suspensions


Both in the front and in the rear these suspensions provide a plus when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

DID rims


These unique rims are very light yet strong.

RENTHAL handlebars


The handlebars of this renowned brand provide greater resistance. Your motorbike equipped to the maximum.

Carbon kit


Carbon parts can be installed on the motorcycle to increase the protection of exposed parts with a very low weight.