Montesa models 2020

New Cota 301RR

Cota 301RR Más poténcia.

World champion.

The Cota 301RR features changes for an even more competitive motorcycle. Heir to the TR2 world championship motorbike, it has increased cubic capacity to 298.4 cm3 and a new map in the ECU that improves engine response.

It has more power across the entire speed range with up to 16% more power and torque. In addition, it delivers it in a more controllable way.

New Cota 4RT Race Replica

Cota 4RT Race Replica

In our image.

Based on the Cota 4RT, we have created the exclusive Race Replica inspired by the decoration of the world champion motorcycle. Showa suspensions make the most of the most difficult areas. Also included is a kit with carbon parts to lighten and/or customise your bike even more.

New Cota 4RT 260

Cota 4RT 260

Higher performance.

The Cota 4RT was born with a spirit of competition. The 260 cc engine is ready to keep up with the pace at all times, with a full power curve especially at low and medium rpm. Its ignition map and fuel injection provide increased traction and better acceleration control.

New 4Ride


More adventure.

4Ride is the reinvention of off-roading to enjoy the mountain with greater ease and fun. In keeping with the hallmarks of the multi-champion Cota, Montesa has integrated high technology, reliability and quality of components, with an extraordinary ease of use, versatility and ergonomics for long journeys.


(Pictures of the current and previous versions are shown)